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Levi's Brings Century-Old Denim Techniques to J.Crew

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It was old-school cool at the J.Crew Men's Shop in Soho last night as Levi's debuted six new pieces of authentic denim workwear. The pieces—five pairs of jeans and a denim jacket—were each handcrafted with techniques used back in 1873, and they're only available at J.Crew after the company bought the remainder of the limited collection.

Levi's produced only a very small number of the jeans and jacket, which they're billing as collectors' items and pricing accordingly ($195 to $395.) For the money, you get exceptional quality and intense attention to detail, not to mention some sharp looking denim. Our favorite was the 1967 505 Dead Stock Jean: Slim fit, dark blue, and slightly tapered, with a zipper fly.

The denim jacket, which they're calling the 1920 Sack Coat, was distinctly old fashioned. Lightweight and well-worn, with brass buttons, the jacket looks like it's been put through the ringer. (Of course, that's what makes it so cool.)

If you're intrigued, head over to the Men's Shop on Broadway in Soho or the Liquor Store in Tribeca, the only two places that will be carrying the jeans and jacket. You might want to hustle over there, because when they're gone, they're gone.—Adam Caparell
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