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The Sartorialist's Book: Blurbed By the Stars

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Yesterday's mail brought us Christmas in August in the form of the Sartorialist's book, due out in stores a week from next Tuesday. Naturally, its contents—512 pages of impeccable street style—are the big draw, but we were equally fascinated by the packaging. The book is appealingly chunky, with bright orange accents and a minimum of text. On the front is a quote from Mario Testino: "The place to be seen!" His blurb continues on the back with three others from Carine Roitfeld, Cathy Horyn, and Kanye West.

Usually when a publisher looks for quotes to use on the book jacket, they come up with a list of anyone marginally famous who's got any kind of relationship with the author. Then they, or the author, reach out to the biggest names. The Sartorialist is a pretty well-connected guy, and his publisher has assembled a nice well-rounded group: You've got the fellow photographer, the fashion editor, the major critic, and the famous sometime subject. But doesn't it make you wonder who else was on the list?

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