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Pure Speculation: Is Rachel Roy Designing For JC Penney?

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Images: Top row via Macy's; Bottom row via JC Penney
Images: Top row via Macy's; Bottom row via JC Penney

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Alright we don't want to get too crazy with this, but based on first-hand comparison between a newish JC Penney line and Rachel Roy's Macy's collection, we think Roy is collaborating with JCP.

The Penney's line in question is called "Twelfth of Eleven," and its small selection of ultra-soft tees, tanks and dresses sits in a corner of the Manhattan Mall JC Penneys next to the I Heart Ronson line. We were first introduced to this mystery collaboration during our preview tour of the new store, when JCP's Vice President of Trend said she couldn't reveal the designer behind the great pieces. Of course this only ignited some serious curiosity.

So yesterday, while routinely doing some collaboration reconnaissance at both Macy's and JCP's, we managed to view both the Twelfth of Eleven line and Macy's Rachel Rachel Roy mini-shop within a half-hour of each other, and damn do some things strike familiar.

For example, both lines boast relaxed T-shirts with a decidedly slouchy pocket and use of two different materials. The Twelfth line also has a grey dress like the discount version of a Macy's Rachel one that comes in black and a darker grey. If either store had a friendlier policy towards in-store photography, we would have busted out with the macro lens.

At first, solely based on the Twelfth name, we guessed that the mystery designer was Cynthia Vincent. Looking at the products closer however reveals a truly Rachel Roy touch. We'll have a full review of the Rachel Rachel Roy shop soon. But in the meantime, there's also another worthy JCP line we're digging around for info on: Oxford & Regent. Got any clues on either enigma? Think we're taking some crazy pills? Let us know in the comments!
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