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F is for Fashion

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The new deputy fashion editor of the London Times attempts to explain everything he knows about fashion in an A-Z dictionary format: "A is for ARGOT. Nothing makes you feel more like a tourist than not understanding the locals, and fashionland has a language all of its own. Viz: anti-fit (definition: clothes that don’t fit); 'channelling' (copying); 'investment bag' (expensive bag); 'pieces' (clothes); 'product' (clothes and accessories); 'editing' your wardrobe (throwing away old clothes); 'pricepoint' (price); ferosh and/or fierce (rather nice). Some terms are beyond translation — 'directional', for example. Nobody seems to be entirely sure what that means. See also PRONUNCIATION." Doesn't "directional" just mean "forward-looking"? Anyway, it's an amusing primer. [Times UK]