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RackedWire: Wal-Mart Sniffing Around NYC Again; Staples Soho Disappears; Richie Rich at Beacon's

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A Wal-Mart in Missouri dreams of the big city.  Via <a href="">robertstinnett</a>/Flickr
A Wal-Mart in Missouri dreams of the big city. Via robertstinnett/Flickr

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NEW YORK CITY—Union Square has escaped the curse of Wal-Mart for now, but that doesn't mean the whole city is safe. A spokesman told Crain's that the chain would like to bring a store to NYC "in the near future," prompting the president of the retail union to reply, "Wal-Mart is not welcome in New York City, and it should not try to take advantage of these economic times to slither in." Here's the complicating factor, though: Wal-Mart might be the Voldemort of discount chains, but New York's poorer neighborhoods are sorely lacking in supermarkets. The company's plans to open stores in here have failed in the past, but in a low-income area, during a recession, they might find more support. [Crain's]

SOHO—Writes a tipster whose office supply needs are clearly not being met: "They closed that shitty Staples on Broadway and Broome. There is a sign that says to go to the Staples at Broadway and 8th Street, cause yeah, that is convenient." [Racked Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—Twitter's finest moment today comes from Refinery29: "Forgot to tweet it, but saw Richie Rich selling clothes at Beacon's yesterday. Go now and shop his castoffs! Follow the trail of sequins..." [Twitter]