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Above the Fray: Rachel Comey Raided in Midtown

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The photos in the gallery above were taken by an authorized Racked operative around 6pm yesterday, about an hour after the Rachel Comey sale began on 35th Street between Eighth and Ninth. By the time we arrived, at 6:35, the selection had dwindled considerably. Shoe-wise, we found a ton of chunky wedge sandals and a healthy smattering of platforms—all priced between $100 and $150—but most of the flat sandals and more wearable heels had already disappeared. One or two final pairs of Comey's grey tasseled oxford slingbacks were making their way around the room: People kept pouncing on them, trying them on, realizing they're almost as unflattering as they are adorable, and then passing them to the next woman. (We hope for their sake that some leggy girl finally took them home.)

Clothing prices ranged from $135 for strange glittery sweaters to $200 for this red dress, which oddly cost $5 less if you bought it in plaid. The little pencil and tulip skirts, at $145 or $150, struck us as the best bet, though there are also many cute tops ($145-$165.) In the back corner, a rack of specials ran for $100 an item, or $250 if you bought three, but in general, those items were marked down for good reason. If you go today, expect to dig, and also expect to leave starving—the sale is next door to a business called Dough Ray Me, and the whole place smells like cookies.
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Rachel Comey

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