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Liveblogging Alexander Wang: Holey Long-johns!

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As the Alexander Wang sale opened early this afternoon in Soho, we swung through to check out who was heading for the sweatshorts, if there were silk dresses for shimmying into, and of course, if the "naked dress" would make an appearance. Follow our adventures into discounted Wang-land:

1:07pm: It just opened! We guess they let everyone in as soon as "friend and family" time ended. The scene is pretty calm so far. Prices range from $65 to $275.

1:09pm: The infamous Wang sweatshorts are $115. Also we're seeing silk shorts for $175.

1:15pm: The cheapest item we've seen thus far are the $80 silk tanks.

1:18pm: There's a whole roped-off section of knitwear that's "too delicate to try on." It's all either $65 or $95.

1:22pm: Now the sale is beginning to fill up with eager Wangers. The trying-on area is officially insanity.

1:25pm: Spotted: a rail-thin dude in rolled-up pants, clutching an armload of clothing.

1:26pm: Shoppers seems most into the $80 silk tanks. Also, just saw three girls trying on $175 blue button-down shirts with shoulder cut-outs.

1:30pm: Wang's comfy, hole-laden long-johns are fetching $155.

1:32pm: Alert: prices will drop as the sale goes on, and there's roped-off extra inventory in back. This means hope for those unwilling to skip out of work early.

1:33pm: Just spotted the "naked" dress for $795 in the possession of a tall, accented girl who is most likely a model. We think it's the only one of the dresses at the sale, so there go your hopes of dressing like Rihanna. There is, however, the skirt version for $375.

1:40pm: There is a tiny child here wearing the American Apparel gold lame leggings for kids.

1:45pm: There is a small, very fashion-y crowd of gawkers standing off the side. Could Alexander be among them? He has milled about the sales in the past.

1:55pm: Ok, we're out. The line to enter is now stopped at the doors to the building, so bring sunscreen just in case you're stuck outside.

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