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Above the Fray: Rogan's Bowery Blowout

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While the Wang-ites are shelling out over $100 for a simple dress at the Alexander Wang sale, eco-friendly designer Rogan Gregory has filled his Bowery boutique with the backstock of his own label and Barneys Loomstate, and all averaging $40.

This year there will be no rifling through boxes; the plethora of Peruvian-made T-shirts and supersoft hoodies with a touch of grunge are all on hangars and easily accessible.

Over in women's, expect a dizzying assortment of tees and pants, with very few dresses mixed in and the occasional dress top. During our visit, the most popular item was a Rogan zipper hoodie going for $45.

Meanwhile, men's has a slightly smaller section, but this is made up for with an abundance of Rogan denim, slacks, shorts and Loomstate jackets. Although the pricelists boast of $20 accessories, these are limited to two different colors of caps in a box towards the back.

Our advice: go soon to secure your sizing, and keep your eyes peeled for the one-of-a-kind samples; they are absolutely out there and ridiculously affordable for an item so unique.
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330 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 646 827 7567