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Above The Fray: Great Deals, Tiny Sizes at Ella Moss

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Today's Ella Moss and Splendid sample sale in Midtown was buzzing with shoppers looking for the designers' girlie tops and dresses for summer, and at least the size smalls among them were definitely not disappointed. There's a lot of merchandise, but we didn't see any mediums or larges for women, and the Chip + Pepper denim mostly came in size 27. Even the tween section, which was mostly ignored, featured only items in a girl's size 10, at $20 apiece.

The people at Ella Moss & Splendid were nice enough to send us their price list, which you can see in full above—tanks are $20, short and long sleeve tops are $25, and dresses are $25. The back room has items from designer Nick and Mo, with prices starting at just $5. Overall, the colorful embellished tops are pretty adorable (they're a great addition to, say, white jeans) and the prices are right, so if you're a small, do stop by before it ends on Friday. Just leave the credit cards home—it's cash only.—Daniella Lavian
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