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Saks Swindler Sentenced

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Remember Cecille Villacorta, the Saks saleswoman who was accused of giving her favorite customers kickbacks in exchange for their business? When she was convicted in March, it looked like she might get 2-7 years in prison, but at her sentencing yesterday, a judge handed down only 90 days in prison, plus 100 hours of community service, five years’ probation and a $96,000 fine. From the Times article, she sounds remarkably unfazed: "Ms. Villacorta, who, according to her lawyer, made $400,000 in salary and commission during her last year working at Saks in 2006, left the courtroom on Monday in a jet-black blazer that matched her bangs, and with a smile as bright as her hot-pink lipstick and toenail polish. 'Yes,' she said in response to a reporter’s question, 'I’m very happy.'" [NYT; Previously]

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