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Jackson Family Wearing Versace At Today's Memorial

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Michael in Versace during HIStory Tour. Photo: Dave Hogan, Getty Images 1997

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Right now, if you aren't already following along, the LA Staples Center memorial service for Michael Jackson is taking place, being live-blogged and streamed by the NYT's Arts Beat amongst other news outlets.

Taking center stage is Michael's casket, a 14-karat gold covered, velvet-lined showpiece that costs $25,000. Perhaps this is the last time we will see him in gold, he nonetheless will be remembered for his glitzy stage outfits, and his late 1990s HIStory tour featured costumes by Versace.

Janet Jackson, knowing that Versace was one of Michael's favorite designers as well as a friend, approached Donatella about outfitting the Jackson family in Versace duds for today's service. From the live feed, it appears that the men are wearing black suits with gold ties and a single, glittering glove in remembrance of their brother's trademark.

Even the wrist bands to enter the service are sparkling gold. Follow the parade of celebrities and fashion luminaries in the audience and stepping up to the stage to say a word on the NYT's feed, and for glimpse of what the public is sporting to the event, Racked LA has an operative on the scene snapping the MJ-tribute getups.
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