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Nitrolicious Launches Online Shop for Closet Castoffs

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Following in the footsteps of Erin Wasson, Kim Gordon and Rachel Zoe, nitro:licious blogger Wendy Lam has decided to offload the contents of her closet to the masses. But rather than host a one-off sale, like the recipients of a thousand freebies before her, Lam has launched an online boutique solely dedicated to her own wardrobe castoffs, which she claims will be updated regularly. "You guys know I love to shop and it never ends for a shopaholic," the blogger explains in a post announcing the shop's debut. "Well it's time for me to get rid of some of my stuff, so you guys may be in luck!" As for the merch? A lot of it is slightly questionable (Jerry Bear-printed Chuck Taylors? Kylie Minogue for H&M kaftan?), but it looks like a few sales have already been made since the shop debuted yesterday. Plus, if Lam is ever planning to launch an actual online retail site alongside her blog (not a bad idea), this seems like a good way to learn the ropes.
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