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Buried inside a New York Times article about Brooklynites decorating their homes to look like antique stores (or like Freemans) is this news nugget: "Mr. Matthew's collections will find their way into his shop Against Nature, opening in mid-August on Chrystie Street. Inspired, just like the Jane hotel, by the Huysmans novel of the same name, it will look an awful lot like Mr. Matthew's apartment. 'We'll have barristers' shelves and old leather chairs and two albino peacocks I have in the basement here.' The store — which will carry tailored suits by Doyle Mueser, custom denim by Simon Jacob and jewelry and leather items by Mr. Matthew — is perfectly sited to snag new-vintage consumers on their way to Freemans, around the corner on Freeman Alley." But seriously, what self-respecting hipster doesn't have a basement full of albino peacocks these days? [NYT]