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Billboards: As Usual, Diesel Baffles Us

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Image via <a href="">Copyranter</a>
Image via Copyranter

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Let's examine Diesel's billboard at Houston and Crosby panel by panel, shall we? In Panel 1, a model in a shiny leather jacket smiles shyly next to a stuffed bear (or is it a lion?) and the word "HAPPINESS." In Panel 2, we see the model unbuckle his belt. Over the lion-bear's fur, there are more words: "COMES FROM INSIDE." "I'M WORKING ON IT," the text continues in Panel 3, and we see that the fuzzy woodland creature is wearing a Diesel watch. Huh? It seems to be some sort of reference to furries, or, as the Copyranter puts it, to getting "a handjob from the (stuffed) bear bearing a Diesel wristwatch." Maybe we're naive, but we had no idea that was even a fetish.

· New DIESEL billboard. Please interpret. [Copyranter]