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Racked Bookshelf: The Towering World Of Jimmy Choo

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Need something to read on the subway en route to the next sale? In Racked Bookshelf, we pull new titles in fashion and design to see what's worthy of the printed page.

We're sure we all will not soon forget the Great Jimmy Choo Sale Line of '09, which wrapped the block of Metropolitan Pavilion in women positively chomping at the bit to slam their credit cards down for the discounted heels. It's all just another chapter in the saga of the Choo brand, one that'll obviously need to be retroactively added to the new book The Towering World Of Jimmy Choo: A Story of Power, Profits and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe

Released in May, the tome by Lauren Goldstein Crowe and Sagra Maceira de Rosen details the course that developed the East London workshop of the Chinese-Malaysian-English Jimmy Choo into an internationally-recognized luxury brand capable of commanding over $700 for a pair of simple pumps.

Remember that Choo only began in 1996, and although Sex and The City obviously figures into the success, there must also be intrigue involved to rocket the brand so high so quickly.

Although this book can never beat Dana Thomas' retail thriller Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster, it does bring the business of upscale retail and brand development down to a relatable level. It's really just like any other business with cut-throat bargaining, dramatic personages, and hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.
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