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Housing Works Moves to Gallery-Like Tribeca Space

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Photos via Housing Works
Photos via Housing Works

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It hasn't even been six months since Housing Works opened up in Tribeca at 72 Warren Street, sowing the seeds of their current success with donations from the closets of Chloe Sevigny and Susan Sarandon. Not only is the thrift shop chain in a great position due to the current economy favoring resale over retail price, but Housing Works' Tribeca spot is within easy walking distance for tourists tired of scavenging through Century 21.

The ever-climbing sales that they've experience in Tribeca is thus forcing them to seek a larger store space, and so this Friday they'll open around the corner at 119 Chambers Street, in a two-story space good enough to be a gallery.

The store christens the new address by hosting another of its "Editor's Choice" nights, which we hosted a few months back, but this time it'll be Allure's fashion editor Michael Carl picking bikinis and hot end-of-summer wear. Mark it on your calendar: August 25, from 7pm to 9pm.
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Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

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