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Casting Calls: Star in a Fashion's Night Out PSA

Taxi TV. Photo via <a href="">rockinfree</a>/Flickr
Taxi TV. Photo via rockinfree/Flickr

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Forget those calls for fashion types to serve as extras in Sex and the City 2. If you work in fashion, and you'd like to see your face on a screen, head to 39th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues tomorrow night at 5:30pm. That's where the good people behind Fashion's Night Out will be filming a PSA advertising the event, which, as you have probably heard about three hundred times by now, is an attempt to jump-start the city's currently lackluster consumerism by giving people incentives to be in stores.

Crucial details: The PSA will run on television, in taxis, and online, so if you've ever coveted a role on Taxi TV, now's your time to shine. You do have to get your company to sign up, so email if you're interested—but also be aware that they're only casting the first 200 people who show up.

According to the organizers,

The commercial will feature many well-known designers, celebrities, and models getting the word out about how vital fashion and shopping are to New York’s success. As a grand-finale shot the CFDA would like to feature as many people as possible who make up the heart and soul of the fashion industry--from store sales staff to sample-room specialists, merchandisers to shipping teams, PR assistants to sourcing and fabric teams, fashion-student interns to buyers. These are the people and jobs that FASHION’S NIGHT OUT is meant to truly support!
We really, really don't want to return to the "Don't Shop" debacle, but we do feel like it's our duty to point out that since this is run by Vogue, the ad will probably be a bit more professional. By the way, if you do happen to go, and it happens to be entertaining, please do send us your impressions.
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