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Nicotine Patches and Disposable Forks? Has Ed Hardy Gone Too Far?

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Today, we woke up to an announcement in our inbox stating that Vera Wang has branched into stationary with a new line of wedding invitations called "Vera Wang On Weddings." This, sort of like her mattress collection, seems like a natural brand progression and tasteful as well, completely the opposite of what Christian Audigier has chosen to do with his Ed Hardy brand.

If It's Hip, It's Here yesterday conveniently laid out, in picture form, how thinly Christian has spread his brand?slathering the Ed Hardy tattoo logos on everything from shower curtains to hand sanitizers to nasal strips to stop nighttime snoring. All of this begs the question: how tightly can you stretch the rubberband before it snaps back in your face?

Is this the beginning of the end for Ed Hardy? First it was the death of Michael Jackson, who was a very good friend of Christians and had given Ed Hardy the rights to design the concert apparel for his London "This Is It" tour, which of course won't be happening. Thousands of potential sales of trucker hats gone forever.

Filling MJ's absence in Christian's life seem to be Jon Gosselin, the walking ad for The Buckle mall stores, who now wants to collaborate on a children's clothing line. Final nail in the coffin? If the Ed Hardy lollipops didn't kill the brand, then perhaps this will do it.
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