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Launch My Line: Like Project Runway With Teamwork

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Apparently not content with the blazing success of The Fashion Show, Bravo is taking one more stab at recreating Project Runway's magic. Debuting on September 16, new series Launch My Line will team up real designers (e.g. Gen Art winners and someone who used to work for BCBG) with wannabes who have found success in other walks of the industry—including dandy-about-town and Street Scenes veteran Patrick McDonald. He's not the only NYC fashion character represented on the show: Scoop's Stefani Greenfield will judge alongside LA boutique owner Lisa Kline and Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared. At the end of the show the winner's clothing line will actually be launched, but we have a feeling it won't be more than a one-season deal—after all the "DJ Eric Cubeechee for Rhys Dwfen" collection doesn't exactly have the most bankable ring to it.
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