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Above the Fray: More Hypotheses on Theory

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Photo via <a href="">Sample Sally</a>
Photo via Sample Sally

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So how bad is the Theory sale at Clothingline, anyway? Yesterday we highlighted a commenter who argued pretty convincingly that it wasn't worth the trip. But then some sale supporters popped up in the comments section. "I didn't think it was that bad," wrote one. Another pointed out that Clothingline had explained in the mail blast that the sale was for samples and irregulars, meaning shoppers were warned. Sample Sally, however, found a lot of damaged goods—although she also spotted a huge line to pay.

But the most intriguing of the comments on the sale is actually completely off topic:

at last clothingline sale staffers were going up to various people with bags stuffed saying JCREW told them to ban certain buyers who bought too much as they would sell on EBAY -i thought this was just clothingline harassing their customers as usual but after reading the report that JCREW is trolling ebay getting people who sell too much JCREW on ebay BANNED - im not so sure -is it JCREW or clothignline thats CREEPilY against EBAY? Jury's out ? any thought?????????????????
OK, so that's obviously less Theory than just a flat-out conspiracy theory, but does it ring true to anyone? If you know more, hit up the comments section.
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