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In the Window: Banana Republic Is Mad for Don Draper

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As promised, Banana Republics everywhere have given themselves over to AMC's '60s ad-exec show Mad Men. We checked out the windows at the Banana on Spring Street and Broadway and discovered that they don't exactly tell us much about the new season, though they do a great job of promoting the chance to win a walk-on role in the show.

As for the Mad Men-inspired clothing, it's already out, and it looks exactly like what you'd expect: Pencil skirts, tie-neck blouses, and sober suits. Near the women's section of the store, we found a style guide with advice on how to dress like your favorite characters. Which begs the question: Much as we might be rooting for Peggy Olson, the ambitious, no-nonsense Brooklynite with a terrible secret, do we really want her wardrobe?
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