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JC Penney May Never Be This Pleasant Again

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There's something just so magical about the first days of a newborn big box store, isn't there? JC Penney officially opens this Friday, July 31, but it's been in soft-open mode since last Thursday. Early today, a tipster popped in to watch the megabrand take its first fledgling steps in NYC. He sent in photos of signs announcing the opening festivities (Miss Universe will be there on the first day! and they're holding lots of celebratory bra fitting events!) plus this report:

I've never been shopping in a pristine department store before. It was like something out of a movie. I must have been the store's first male customer. (Lots of little old ladies around) They have all styles/sizes of everything right now. I'm guessing by Friday, they won't, ever again. So tell people to gooooooooooooooo.
Even if all those "o"s don't convince you, consider this: If you went today, you could probably get the Sephora all to yourself.
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