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RackedWire: Brave Lingerie Shop Opens in Williamsburg; Chip & Pepper Fades Away in Nolita

Photo by Will Femia
Photo by Will Femia

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Williamsburg—The storefront on North 6th Street that used to house lingerie boutique Sleep has been replaced by...another lingerie shop. Right now we don't know too much about Honey except that they're clearly not superstitious. File this one under "Developing." [RackedWire]

NOLITA—WWD reported earlier this month that Chip & Pepper, one of the many premium denim brands to take NYC by storm in the mid-aughts, was spinning off a lower-priced line called Mill Iron. Other than that, though, we hadn't heard much about them in ages, so we were not entirely surprised to find a very forlorn scene at the site of their Mulberry Street store this weekend. The shop has been abandoned for about a month now, and the construction paper grass in the window has wilted like so many early twentieth century denim dreams. The realtors told us that "something food-related" had just signed a lease on the space. [RackedWire]