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Gilt Plans Travel Site; Inven.tory Plots Own Line

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Gilt's Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Inven.tory's Michael Townsend on stage at the 92nd St Y
Gilt's Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Inven.tory's Michael Townsend on stage at the 92nd St Y

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We learned all sorts of fun nuggets of information at the Racked 92nd Street Y panel last night. Fun fact the first: According to Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the site is working on a spinoff dedicated to travel. This is, of course, in addition to the soon-to-launch Gilt Fuse, which will have a collegiate feel and lower price points than Gilt does. The travel site, which has no release date yet, will focus on luxury packages like ski chalets. (For more info, check out Jaunted.)

Fun fact the second: Inven.tory wants to do their own line. The Nolita outlet shop is run by people with design backgrounds, co-owner Michael Townsend said last night, so they're all very ready to get back into creating their own clothes.

Fun fact the third, which we didn't get time to discuss on stage: Remember the infamous Thom Browne skirt suit? Wilkis Wilson told us that when it arrived at the Gilt office, one of the higher-up men in the company put it on and modeled it around the office. Since he's tall and thin, she said, it looked great on him. This is exactly what we like to imagine goes on at Gilt every day.
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