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This week, Mike Albo checks out three stores in the region below Delancey known BelDel, which he deems "the summer’s stylish hot spot." It's hard to consider the local retail flowering without thinking about the area's immigrant history, as preserved in the Tenement Museum, which offers, among other things, a tour of the restored 1878 home of the Gumpertz family. Denim shop Amoskeag XX looks like the Tenement Museum's costume shop, Albo writes, while at By Robert James, the influence is more 1980s than 1880s. As for No. 8b: "It doesn’t quite fit into the immigrant aesthetic. It looks like a minimal Swedish architecture firm beamed down from the near future. Inside is a selection of beautiful, crazily priced men’s fashion, which on first sight would send the entire dumbstruck Gumpertz clan into an insane asylum." [NYT]