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Undead Stores: Inside the New Lounge on Sixth Ave

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Image via <a href="">the Shophound</a>
Image via the Shophound

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The Shophound, clearly possessed of more courage than we can claim, ventured into the new Lounge outlet on Sixth Avenue to check out the goods. What he found: Exactly the same clubwear the store was selling in its old incarnation in Soho.

Yes, folks, if you are still pining for those Antik jeans with embroidery all over the back pockets that you didn't get four years ago, then rest easy. Lounge Outlet, specializing in a look we like to call "Early Douchebag", has a table full of them. You know the look, and you probably know who wears it, too, and you don't want to be that guy or girl.
And in case you want to get your party on even before you leave the store with your shiny new purchase, there's also a DJ. This doesn't mean the end of the Lounge sale in former nightclub Limelight, by the way: As rumored, the old church is becoming a retail space.
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