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Storecasting: Lehman Brothers Sells Off Memorabilia

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This is called making the best of a bad situation: Next week, collapsed bank Lehman Brothers will open a store selling off its branded merchandise. The boutique, at Lehman's office at Sixth Avenue and 51st Street, is a brick-and-mortar version of Lehman's eBay shop, which has been running since the beginning of the month under the tag line “Own a Piece of History.” Bloomberg News gets surprisingly catty describing the items on offer:

For the trust-fund baby who no longer has a trust fund, there’s a silver-plated rattle at $14.99 or a teddy bear wearing a sweater emblazoned “Lehman Brothers,” at $15. The unemployed with less stringent wardrobe needs will appreciate logo-stitched navy Nike windbreakers for $29.99, peach golf shirts for $24.99 and a set of four white baseball hats for $19.99.
Meow, right? Anyway, the store's intended customers are Lehman employees, but we suppose if you really wanted a piece of history you could put on a suit and try to pass.
· Lehman Holds EBay Sale, Hawking Trinkets to Pay Debts [Bloomberg]

—Image via eBay