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In the Window: Barneys Dresses In Which To Be Caught Dead

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You know the old ultimate fashion diss of "I would not be caught in that?" Well, Barneys has obviously used this as inspiration for their pair of hidden windows, otherwise known as the vestibule displays between the sets of doors at their entrance.

We were a bit surprised to find such a gorey scene; two mannequins, wearing dresses from Helmut Lang and A.L.C., are in mid-death throes after being shot up, their "blood" splattered across the interior glass. It's no wonder they saved the displays for a less public position, athough we're curiously in love with the idea.

The flailing poses allow for drapey dresses to really strut their stuff, the shocking "blood" splatter immediately attracts your eye, and if you're bored and morbid enough, the windows can launch you into thoughts of outfits in which you would like to be caught dead. It's a shame it can't be expanded upon; it would be a bit too much for the Madison Avenue pedestrians.

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