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Victims Of The Retail Recession Regroup

Photo via <a href="">The Cut</a>
Photo via The Cut

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It's been a bloody spring and early summer for retail as the recession continues to scythe its way through the city. Too often, the last gasps we hear of a dying boutique are its sale announcements, and although we're more than happy to avail shops of discounted duds, we do wonder what happens when the doors shut and the "closed" sign is permanently displayed.

Apparently The Cut sympathizes, and so they asked three of the recession's most recent victims?Yoko Devereaux's Andy Saltzer, Coletta's Nicole Jerner, and I Heart's Jill Bradshaw?about plans for rebounding or relaxing, and it looks like everyone's down for a bit of both.

While Andy plans to move to Chelsea from Brooklyn (another trend of the recession) and Nicole makes a go of her online shop, it's Coletta's Jill who really reacted, using the closing of her boutique as an excuse to begin a mid-life crisis early and take off for a cross-country trip in an Aerostar van. We don't blame her either; it's wild out there, and we don't mean in the backcountry. Hopefully when she returns to NYC, Aerostar and all, those cheaper retail lease rates will be looking mighty tempting.
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