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Today in Totes: Designers Get Bagged

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Maybe it's because the weather has finally hit that degree of stickiness that makes everything but a light cotton bag feel cumbersome, or maybe it's because everyone's too broke for the real thing, but we're suddenly seeing a lot about designer-themed tote bags on the fashion blogs today. First, Fabsugar pointed us to Pattern People's bags, which feature Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs surrounded by representative items like the Eiffel Tower (Karl) and a kilt (MJ.) Then, Refinery discovered a Brown’s Focus collaboration with designer Oonagh O’Hagan in which humble little totes proudly display pictures of much more expensive reticules. In addition to the Chanel and Louis Vuitton clutches, above, there's also a Birkin. Only downside: While $80 is a steal for Chanel, it's a bit steep for a tote.
· Simply Fab: Karl and Marc Canvas Totes [Fabsugar]
· A Chanel Clutch for $80? Not Really, But This New It Bag Tote Is Still Totally Cool... [Refinery29]

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