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Things That Sparkle: Tiffany's 2009 Collection

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All this week, Tiffany has been previewing its 2009 jewelry collection in its flagship at 727 Fifth Avenue. The collection is loosely themed around nature, and so Tiffany did what anyone would do with millions of dollars in flora- and fauna-inspired jewels: It constructed a lush, living garden on its closed-to-the-public fifth floor. We stopped by this oasis yesterday afternoon, and we're still sort of sad we ever had to leave. Necklaces were draped over leaf-covered stands; pavé brooches sat on little mossy display tufts; sunflowers nodded in a corner; the whole place smelled wonderful.

And the jewelry wasn't half bad either. We were particularly struck by the diamond and onyx key pendants (an uptown take on a Brooklynish trend), the utterly non-blingy Kyoto silk necklaces, and the pieces inspired by the Tiffany archives, although the single item that made the biggest impression on us was the $10 million diamond necklace, for obvious reasons. The recession is probably very good for our souls, but there's still something awe-inspiring about the kind of beauty that can only be achieved by spending a boatload (or, like, twelve boatloads) of money. Please enjoy the display above, and note that if you do happen to have a spare $10 million lying around, this stuff will almost all be available by the fall.
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