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Storecasting: Kimberly Taylor Migrates From ShopBop to MePa

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Although the area around the Apple store at West 14th Street and 9th Avenue is definitely jumping with hopefuly iPhone buyers, MePa brunchers and those just salivating for a glimpse of Alexander McQueen further down the street, one store slot has sat vacant for over a year now.

In fact, it's directly across the street from Apple, and it used to house the upscale lingerie boutique Catriona Mackechnie, until she moved out last June. And now, while independent shops continue to close, a ray of hope will enter, bred through ShopBop sales: Kimberly Taylor. Our take-away from surfing through the ShopBop looks is that she's something like Daryl K with an LA lean. A move to the Meatpacking isn't any small thing; here's hoping it works out.
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