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In the Window: Louis Vuitton's Conveyor Belt History

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The odd packing crates of Louis Vuitton's early summer windows at their Fifth Avenue flagship are long gone, and have been replaced with something far more creative and?dare we say it?intriguing.

LV has dug deep into their archives to display the evolution of their very prominent Speedy bag, from its 1932 classic monogram to the (pretty atrocious) fringed 2006 "Franges Multicolore," and even as recent as the 2009 Stephen Sprouse Roses bag.

The Speedys travel through the corner windows of the store via conveyor belt, passing through curtains of gold bead to be transformed into the next variation on the Monogram. For window display purists however, there is still a standard mannequin-filled window on East 57th, but even this one is dedicated to the Epi leather Speedys.

The innovative windows have only been installed for a few days now, and we imagine, what with the all the work behind them, that they'll last through August, perhaps until Fashion Week. In the meantime, after LV threw a party this week for the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing, attended by everyone who'll go to the opening of an envelope, Vuitton also saw fit to wrap their whole store in their ad featuring astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and Sally Ride.

The result is the above pictured swath of black around LV's polished white facade; a serious contrast to the brightly-colored and playful Murakami multicolore wrap of winter and spring. We doubt the astronaut ad will stay up near as long as the conveyor belt windows.
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