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The Best-Looking Customers Money Can Buy

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2009_07_hiredcustomers.comThe Shophound, who was not only greeted warmly but actually high-fived on his trip to Hollister, has a theory about why the store was so crowded. "It seemed hard to believe that on its first day, it had attracted so many shopping bag carrying customers dressed head to toe in Hollister gear, and yet there they were...But wait, could they really all have coincidentally decided to put on madras shirts this morning? No. No they could not, and by the time we had made it through the store it seemed clear that Hollister had not only hired a blindingly gorgeous staff, but also a bunch of damned good-looking (but not quite model-stunning) customers to roam through the store and mill about on the sidewalk as well! Bravo!" Bravo indeed. [The Shophound]