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Two's a Trend: Discount Retailers Will House You

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If you win the Daffy's contest, this living room could be yours.  Via <a href="">One Seventh</a>
If you win the Daffy's contest, this living room could be yours. Via One Seventh

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Discount chain Daffy's returns to its stunt-advertising roots with a new contest offering winners a year in a fully-furnished West Village apartment at 90% off. The idea is to drum up some attention for the brand at a time when stores like Saks are horning in on its territory by holding major sales. Starting July 23rd, contestants can submit 30-second videos explaining why they deserve to pay $700 a month on a $7000-a-month apartment. The deal does come with some caveats: As our sibling site Curbed points out, nobody's ever actually bought or rented in the building, possibly because it was put up at the height of the boom by a nightclub developer looking to target "an artist with a lot of money." (Oh, early 2008! We were all so innocent then.)

Daffy's isn't the only chain trying to lure shoppers with the promise of housing. The Burlington Coat Factory just started a sweepstakes in which the lucky winner will make off with $20,000 towards mortgage or rent payments for a year. In New York, that won't get you a luxury condo, but it certainly won't hurt. Both these contests sound like much better marketing ideas than one the Times attributes to an earlier, more reckless Daffy's, which used to pose mannequins as suicide jumpers on the roofs of their stores, hoping that any good citizens who rushed to the rescue would, after the ruse had been revealed, calm their nerves with some discount shopping.
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