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Above the Fray: Nanette Lepore Sale Offers Do-Overs

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A look from Nanette Lepore's spring '09 collection
A look from Nanette Lepore's spring '09 collection

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We were a little surprised to see that Nanette Lepore was having another sale, since her last one was only two months ago. Oddly, this one doesn't seem so different from the one in May. Skirts are $100, shoes are $50 to $75, and non-sample dresses are rather expensive. According to the expert consumers over at Guerilla Shopper, the samples are the way to go: "Prices are around $40 for holiday/resort, $40 for a fall silk piece and $40 for a cotton cardi, which seemed pricey compared to the dressy dresses." If you've been kicking yourself for not buying something at the last sale, now's your shot at redemption.
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