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Above the Fray: Odd Pricing System, Nice Selection at Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney bags via <a href="">Sample Sally</a>
Stella McCartney bags via Sample Sally

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Sample Sally cuts right to the chase: "The best deals at the Stella McCartney sale are the jeans for $60." In our comments, two readers agree that while the sale has a good selection, it's no bargain basement. With discounts, notes one, "Tops ended up in the $100 range, dresses in the $200 range, blazers and coats in the $300 range." Bags run $200 to $300, and one commenter found over-the-knee boots for $180. About those markdowns, by the way: If an item's price ends with the number "5," it's 80% off, while if it ends in a "9," it's 50% off. The sale ends tomorrow, and although clothing will be restocked, bags, jewelry and belts will not.
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