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Now Open: Lounge Reappears on Sixth Ave

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Designer megastore Lounge is the Rasputin of retailers: It just won't die. When the Soho location shut down in the fall of 2008, its closing sale lasted two months—two long months of signs shouting "LOST OUR LEASE" and shoppers accusing the place of running a scam and street vendors renting out chunks of the store's rotting hulk. (The sale also caused a reader to send us one of the most epic rants we've ever received, about a mysteriously invalid gift card.) Finally, Lounge disappeared from Broadway entirely, popping up as a sort of long-term temporary sale in the church that used to house Limelight. Now, though, they're back. The new Lounge opened on Sixth Avenue between 19th and 20th Streets a few days ago. We're guessing that if you still have gift cards from the Soho store, they're not gonna be honored over there.
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