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Gossip Girl: Too Hot for Target?

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Two potentially mayhem-causing looks from Anna Sui's Target line
Two potentially mayhem-causing looks from Anna Sui's Target line

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Today's Daily News reports that Target has suddenly become uneasy about Anna Sui's Gossip Girl–themed line, ostensibly because an executive high up in the company is worried that it will encourage the youth of America to have wanton sex, accidentally murder people, and do terrible, unnamed things in Santorini.

Their source, an insider on the Gossip Girl set, reports that the show was going to shoot a scene at Sui's Soho store last week. The plan was to festoon the boutique with Target symbols and dress extras (models, of course) in the Target collection, but at the last minute, Sui backed out, presumably due to pressure from the squeamish mega-brand. The line will still come out this fall, according to the article, but it won't be pegged to Gossip Girl specifically.
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