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Now (Almost) Open: Astor Place's Huge David Barton

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Tomorrow's the official opening day of the David Barton Gym at Astor Place, but today we got a sneak peek at the new (huge!) space. Amongst the thuds and screeching noises from the men on ladders who were sanding and painting the finishing touches, the gym was buzzing with representatives giving tours and signing up new members in preparation for opening day.

The gym, in the former home of Barnes & Noble, has four levels, with mood lighting and cherrywood floors, and even a replica of Michelangelo's David. The yoga room is candle-lit, and there are separate group fitness and spinning areas. In order to meet anticipated demand during busy hours, the gym boasts two of each strength machine, including varieties we'd never seen before. The opulent decor made it feel less like a gym and more like a grand dimly-lit space that just happened to have gym equipment. Worth noting: Their special deal, in which they'll waive the $400 enrollment fee and lower the monthly rate, expires today.—Daniella Lavian
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