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Stunts: Taking a Ride in the Whole Foods Pedicab

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When we heard Whole Foods was offering free pedicab rides around the city, we had to try one. The pedicab will take you anywhere you want to go within a ten block radius of the store (although some might have set routes). There's no minimum number of groceries required for a ride, so we bought a box of cookies at the Whole Foods in Chelsea and asked for a trip to 14th Street and Seventh Avenue. When our driver noted a woman lugging two big bags, he invited her along too.

According to our driver, there are approximately 16 Whole Foods pedicabs out and about in NYC this week, so there's a chance you'll catch one. We can't guarantee that you won't feel any motion sickness on the ride—after all, the streets of NYC aren't as smooth as we'd like them to be—but if you suddenly have craving for, say, dark chocolate-covered goji berries, it's nice to know you won't have to lug those groceries home. At least not all the way.—Daniella Lavian

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