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iPhrenzy: Your Guide to the New iPhone 3G S

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Yesterday, Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 3G S, and geeks the world over rejoiced. The new iteration is much faster than last year's model and comes with a nice smattering of perks like a built-in compass, a 3-megapixel camera that lets you focus pictures by touch, and a keyboard that can swing horizontal for easier typing. There's also a new video camera that allows you to edit on the phone, MMS messaging that can send visual or audio clips, and, best of all, a cut-and-paste function (finally!)

The phone's launch has already sparked a controversy over pricing. If you're an iPhone virgin, you can get a 3G S for $199 (for 16 gigs; it's $299 for the bigger model.) If, however, you're a longtime fan with a 3G from last summer, you have to pay an upgrade fee of between $399 and $699. Regular upgraders are naturally rather unhappy about this, but we suspect the discontent won't have much effect on the major lines that should start appearing outside Apple stores next Wednesday, June 17, next Friday, June 19, when the phones go on sale.
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