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RackedWire: Kanye Visits American Apparel in NoHo; Shop in Soho for a Good Cause

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NOHO—The little American Apparel on Broadway and 4th Street got a surprise visit today from Kanye West and his equally bald girlfriend Amber Rose. It sounds like they made some relatively conservative purchases: A pair of sunglasses and some his-and-hers hoodies (one navy and one pink, and don't even pretend you weren't wondering.) But then! After they bought the sweatshirts, according to American Apparel's blog, "Kanye borrowed a pair of scissors to cut the sleeves off for his girlfriend." Customization, people. Our minds are blown. [American Apparel]

SOHO—From this Thursday, June 11, to this Saturday, June 13, the neighborhood is once again hosting the Soho Stroll. Here's how it works: You pay $20 for a bracelet that gives you access to all sorts of local deals, and the money goes to an organization that helps the homeless. Discounts range from 50% off any H&M top to a free blowout at Aveda—for the whole list, check out the Soho Stroll website. [RackedWire]