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Above The Fray: Earnest Has Denim All Sewn Up

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With the words "sample sale" on a large sign in front of the store, Earnest Sewn's sale in Gramercy isn't hard to miss. After checking your bags, you'll find boxes upon boxes of bootcut, straight leg, and skinny jeans, all in practical dark, black and gray washes. A pair goes for $70, but prices fall as you buy two or more pairs ($120 for two, $150 for three.) Still out of your budget? Try the boxes of sample jeans for $40. T-shirts and knits are also plentiful, but the men's and women's jeans are the real jewel of this sale. Even if you're surrounded by experienced denim hunters, which you probably will be, finding your size shouldn't be difficult. The sale goes till Sunday, and we definitely suggest stopping by.—Daniella Lavian
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