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Uniqlo Hosts Pac-Man Play-Offs, Seeks Challengers

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Uniqlo's currently got a mezzanine full of Arkanoid- and Dig-Dug–themed t-shirts, and their Pac-Man shopping bags are everywhere, so it's only logical that they'd sponsor an event that involves actually playing—as opposed to just fetishizing—the video games of yore. The Japanese company has organized a round of online Pac-Man competitions beginning next week and culminating in a live showdown in the Soho store. Most teams consist of Uniqlo-friendly businesses like Pitchfork Media and Hypebeast, but walk-ins are welcome at the finals (as long as you sign up beforehand.) In addition to the thrill of beating all those other trendy bastards, the winner will receive a bunch of Pac-Man gear, including a t-shirt, a tote, and a cute little stuffed Pac-Man toy.
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