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A Reason to Visit Gabay's

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Perhaps intrigued by our reports, fashion writer Lynn Yaeger pays East Village discounter Gabay's a visit to check out the shop's selection of marked-down Henri Bendel merchandise. She finds the place a bit cleaner and brighter than she remembered, even comparing the atmosphere to Bendel's! "I haven’t been in Gabay’s in decades, not since I bought a pair of Chanel shoes there with one buckle. (Guess what’s worse than no Chanel shoes at all?) I remember it as a squalid, fetid dump, but it’s cleaned itself up and is now quite as spruce as Bendels itself, at least the lower level of Bendels, where the sale stuff is, or was, and which I have often passed through on my way to the ladies room." [The Moment; Previously]

Henri Bendel

712 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019 (212) 247-1100 Visit Website