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RackedWire: Babeland's Anatomically-Correct Birthday Party; Uniqlo's Robot Salesman Seeks Work

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PARK SLOPE—Yesterday we were very amused by the idea that a store would serve fried chicken at a party. A store! Fried chicken! Now that was a gimmick! We were so naive, you guys. You know what's a real gimmick? Letting customers dress up in a plush vagina costume. To celebrate its first birthday, Park Slope's Babeland is throwing a party this Sunday with free food and drinks, a DJ, the chance to win fabulous prizes, and, of course, photo opportunities with the Babeland Vulva. The party runs noon to 4pm, but the vulva pictures last forever. [RackedWire]

SOHO—Buried under the news about Uniqlo's Pac-Man contest in the latest New York-Tokyo mailer was this sterling factoid about Wakamaru, the shop's robot salesman: "Wakamaru has been resting from his busy schedule as of late. But he's now ready to take on new work and challenges. If your company is interested in having Wakamaru for promotion or having him work for you, please contact us to discuss." In related news, next week's special guest editor is a little yellow robot who likes affordable cashmere. [New York-Tokyo]

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