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Above the Fray: Yoko Devereaux's Goodbye Sale

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We're declaring a sale emergency, folks; Yoko Devereaux in South Williamsburg is liquidating?like that couch? make an offer?and sale stock is fast dwindling. But it's no wonder, with prices like $5 for formerly $60+ T-shirts and $20 for button-downs and one-of-a-kind samples (only in medium) for Fall/Winter 2009.

Though today is the first day of the blowout in the actual store, the discounts began online yesterday and not only sold out the ties priced at $1, but also possibly overwhelmed the server.

Despite the impending closure, owner Andy Saltzer is upbeat as he continues to provide great customer service. The response has been overwhelming and he encourages shoppers to come to the store and snag items as he works on fulfilling online orders. See something you like on the rack? Don't hesitate to ask if there are other sizes in the back.

There are T-shirts aplenty, in more styles than featured on the website, as well as polos and his famous long cardigans. A few styles of pants, some great jackets in stripe or check prints, and the odd sample round out the selection, and all look appealing since the store hasn't yet been reduced to a shitshow.

Mike Albo, you better get your tushie over there stat.
· Discontinued: Hipster Ambassador Yoko Devereaux Closing Down [Racked]