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The Intermix Makeover Continues

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Maybe the focus groups are working: Starting in July, Intermix will debut a new ad campaign. Refinery29 reads into it: "These days, seems like Alexander Wang has replaced Marc Jacobs as coveted cool, and 'It' girls—with their effortless mish-mash of high/low style—are deemed more stylish than the Tinsleys of yesterday. So, naturally, Intermix, once the pristine pink boutique of all things you could imagine on Ms. Mortimer herself, is now intent on rebranding. And to start, they've launched their first-ever ad campaign, which features black-and-white images embossed against a colorful font that embodies the graffiti or street culture of New York." Maybe it's just us, but more than anything, when we see the ad we think Barneys. You? [Refinery29, Previously]