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Y's Mandarina and Coming Soon Hit A Sale Wall

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Now that we're almost halfway through the term of the Y's Mandarina (that would be Yohji Yamamoto's luggage and bag line for the Italian brand Mandarina Duck) and Coming Soon (another Yohji line) pop-up shop on Greene Street, it's about time for a sale.

When we stopped by yesterday to check out the products and get some better pictures of the space, we noticed that they're already marking down the sweet and simple clothing so beloved by fans of Coming Soon. 40% off seems to be the average, while the Y-3 shop down the block is already flaunting 50% off almost everything in the store while their fall/winter merchandise waits to be unpacked.

All is well in the world with Yohji so deeply discounted. Now if only we could figure out what was going on with the projected movie in the pop-up—that's some freaky stuff.
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